Child Custody


You don’t need to be reminded that custody disputes are generally very emotional and stressful on everyone involved.  In addition to the frustrations and costs, there are a number of factors that the Court must consider when determining custody of a child and particular procedures that must be followed.  The stage your custody dispute is currently in can affect the options you might have moving forward.


Thompson Law Offices, LLC can handle your custody dispute from start to finish, from filing the necessary paperwork to starting a new custody case, to attending mediations, all the way through a trial and appeal, if necessary.  If you want to seek custody of your child or are already involved in a custody dispute, Thompson Law Offices can help.


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New Jersey requires that both parents agree in writing to the permanent removal of the child from the state or obtain approval from the Court to do so.  As with the other areas of child custody, the Court will review a number of factors to determine whether the move is in the best interests of the child.


Notably, New Jersey does not restrict custodial parents from relocating within the state, even if that relocation will substantially alter the parenting time schedule.  There are, however, other tools to prevent one parent from effectively determining a custody schedule by moving.  In order to successfully navigate the often complex issues surrounding the relocation of the custodial parent, Thompson Law Offices can assist you in successfully relocating or opposing a relocation.


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Premarital Agreements


When you’re making the final preparations for marriage, the last think you want to prepare for is an eventual divorce.  A better way to think about premarital agreements is as an insurance policy.  No one buys life insurance hoping to die, no one buys home owners’ insurance expecting the house to burn down, and no one buys car insurance with the hopes of getting into an accident.  But sometimes things don’t go as planned, and it is important to be prepared for it.


Thompson Law Offices, LLC can help you and your future spouse through the process of drafting an effective premarital agreement that will both protect your interests and respect the marriage that you are about to enter into.


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