Finding the right home can be difficult.  Getting from offer to SOLD! can be even more difficult.  Home inspections, the contract, title search, closing . . . You’re already packing, or dealing with the movers, and transferring utilities.  This should be the easy part.  If you’ve purchased a home before, you know that there are many issues that arise, from inspections to misinterpretations of contractual wording, to unforeseen delays, liens, and title issues.  You also know that it’s important to have an attorney on your side that will assist you in resolving these issues when they do arise.


Thompson Law Offices will help guide you through the process of home-buying, once you’ve picked out your new home.  From reviewing the contract all the way to closing, Thompson Law Offices will be there to protect your interests until the keys to your new home are in your hands.


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REO (Bank-owned Property)


With the 2008 sub-prime loan crash, many homeowners found themselves being foreclosed on.  While this process takes a significant amount of time, many homes have already been foreclosed on and many more are near the end of the process.  Superstorm Sandy also contributed to the number of vacant homes along the New Jersey coast.  This means that there is an abundance of bank-owned properties on the market, especially near the shore.


A bank-owned property, called an REO, presents issues quite different from a typical residential real estate purchase.  The contract and attorney review period are very different than the normal real estate contract: banks often refuse to negotiate inspection issues, there can be unique title issues presented as a result of the foreclosure, and closing dates are typically mandated and less flexible than other transactions.  Thus, close contact with the bank’s attorney, the real estate agents, mortgage company, and title company is vital to ensuring a smooth and successful transaction.  THOMPSON LAW OFFICES takes great pride in its ability to maintain this critical communication throughout the process and ensure a smooth transaction.


An REO purchase can be a great bargain, whether you are searching for your primary home or an affordable summer home.  THOMPSON LAW OFFICES, LLC has the experience to guide you through the obstacle course of purchasing that home from a bank or government agency.


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Attorney Review


New Jersey allows a period of time after the signing of a contract for an attorney to review and make amendments.  Even if the buyer or seller is not planning to use an attorney throughout the process, it is always advisable to have an attorney review the contract, as it contains important provisions regarding the deposit, the timeline for the transaction, title, inspections, and closing.  Failing to spot contingencies and prepare adequate exit clauses has the potential to result in significant costs and potential lawsuits.


THOMPSON LAW OFFICES, LLC offers limited representation to those individuals who do not have a desire for an attorney to represent them throughout the process, but who wish to have an attorney review the document prior to the contract becoming binding.


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First Time Home-Buyers


Buying a home is exciting and nerve-wracking all at once.  If this is the first time you’re purchasing a home, the process can be daunting, confusing, frustrating, and exhausting.  You’ve probably already spent hours looking at houses, gone through the back-and-forth of negotiating the price, and discussed significant personal financial details with your mortgage representative.


Now, there’s a second half of the process to deal with.  Contract review, title search, inspection negotiations, mortgage, preparing closing paperwork . . . Let THOMPSON LAW OFFICES, LLC guide you through the process and handle the complicated and time-consuming communications and negotiations between you, the seller, the mortgage company, and the title company.


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Age-Restricted Communities


There are over 60 age-restricted communities in Ocean County alone, with about 120 total in the southern portion of New Jersey.  Each community has its own benefits and attractions, and likewise, each community has its own procedures and requirements for purchasing a home within its association.  Making sure the proper paperwork is completed, and that the proper title work is performed, is vital to insuring a smooth transaction.


THOMPSON LAW OFFICES, LLC has experience assisting buyers and sellers within these communities and can assist you in making sure your transaction runs as smoothly as possible.


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For Sale By Owner


So far, you’ve done pretty well without professional assistance in selling your home. You’ve already found a buyer and negotiated a contract.  If you’re just looking for assistance in making sure the contract protects your interest, Thompson Law Offices, LLC can help by reviewing the document and offering suggestions, by drafting an addendum, or even drafting the entire contract.  THOMPSON LAW OFFICES can also assist you in the following ways:

- Drafting sales documents, such as the deed and affidavit of title

- Responding/initiating repair and maintenance requests

- Communication with mortgage and title companies


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Document Preparation


Not everyone chooses to use an attorney throughout their transaction.  Whether to use an attorney or not is entirely your choice and you’re to be commended for getting to the end of your transaction without an extra expense.  However, if you’re selling property, you’ll need to prepare a deed, affidavit of title, and various other forms regarding taxes and the transfer of property.  While many, or all, of these documents can be found online (usually for a fee) or can be bought pre-drafted from some office supply stores, the deed and affidavit of title are legal documents in which the seller makes representations upon which others will rely.  Notarizations are also required in order for the documents to be properly recorded.  Failure to properly prepare a deed or other transfer document can result in both delays and extra costs.


THOMPSON LAW OFFICES, LLC provides professional document preparation and drafting services for your residential real estate transaction.  Preparation is fast, cost-effective, and convenient.  All that is required of you is to fill out the informational form – we’ll do the rest, including submitting to the title company or buyer’s attorney for review and final approval.


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Closing Services


In addition to providing services for buyers and sellers, THOMPSON LAW OFFICES, LLC provides closing services to professional agencies such as title companies and mortgage companies.  At competitive rates, we provide an attorney to attend closing, providing legal knowledge and the ability to answer legal questions the client may have, as well as notarization services.


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